Holton Rower – my new favorite artist

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Psychedelic, inspirational, new, fresh, fun.


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I recently stumbled upon a blog called The Brick House via a post  on Lifehacker detailing DIY pipe shelving:

This guy is painstakingly documenting his renovation, design and styling of a run down piece of foreclosed property with amazing results. It has inspired me to get working on interior projects now that the major renovations (windows, kitchen, master bedroom, master bath and nursery) are complete. First project is to implement my own version of the pipe shelving in the upstairs living room – which originally looked like this:

and create a full-length shelving unit with space for all my dad’s records (yes, I said _records_), books, paintings, etc.

I have also started the craigslist hunt for contemporary, mid-century accoutrements, more to follow…

St. Supéry Makes Money Using Twitter…

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… can Twitter make money off St. Supéry?

As a divine club member (membership to which I would highly recommend) I received a shipment of two bottles of 2001 Dollarhide Cabernet Sauvignon. Erin and I opened one up that evening, as we are both impatient people ;-). Immediately after tasting Erin gave the elusive two thumbs up (loosely translated = BUY MORE). At some point, I twittered my excitement about the Dollarhide…

Now the fun part, I got a call from a rep at St. Supéry this past Saturday. The rep led with “I received an email mentioning that you loved the ’01 Dollarhide and would like to purchase some more bottles.” I had been meaning to re-up my order anyways so this was a welcome and convenient call. A case is on its way and I can’t wait. Did I feel “stalked”? No. Would I have felt that way if I was not already a member? Probably. Further, it is always possible that my intentions to purchase more could have slipped through the cracks if the rep had not called me directly. At the very least, St. Supéry increased their chances of a sale by reaching out.

Here’s the question, from St. Supéry’s point of view is this a repeatable pattern? If so, how much can they make from it (i.e. what is it worth to them)? Further, can this be replicated across industries in some way, shape or form?

From Twitter’s point of view, do they want to go the customer service route? If so, how much can they charge for it? What tooling would be necessary to build on top of Twitter’s base functionality to make this easily repeatable for other companies?

I know. Lot’s of questions here, but no answers. These questions are not mine to answer — simply things that came to mind after the experience.

Nonetheless, someone at Supéry knows about Twitter, knows how to use twitter search, knows enough about RSS use it effectively and helps make great wine.

Couldn’t resist including a photo of Mike Cannon-Brookes “sleeping” on the lawn of St. Supéry winery last year before JavaOne…

The Coherence Incubator – 2008 in Review

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The Coherence Incubator

The Coherence Incubator

The Coherence Incubator exceeded all expectations for 2008 and continues to grow. The first big milestone was reached on October 15th when we officially launched the site with the first four projects:

Thus the journey began. Brian Oliver (the driving force behind its creation) announced it at the London Coherence User Group. Gojko Adzic wrote a very succinct blog post after attending the event — which subsequently got picked up by Highscalability.com. Cameron blogged about it. Brian then flew over from London to present the Coherence Incubator at the inaugural New York Coherence Special Interest Group event.

On November 10th we released new versions of all four of the original projects.

On November 24th we released version 1.0.0 of The Functor Pattern.

Nicholas Gregory and Stephen Price published an article entitled “Extend the Data Grid With Hub-less Messaging” on TheServerSide (discussion here) on December 23rd.

For more information on what’s going on and what’s in store for the future come join us at either the next London Coherence SIG on January 22nd or the next New York Coherence SIG on January 29th.

All in all, it has been a fantastic year for the incubator with over 1000s downloads over just 2.5 months, 4 new projects in the pipeline and many many more being proposed. We are looking forward to 2009 being a huge year in extending the horizons for what Data Grids (e.g. Oracle Coherence) can be used for across all verticals, problem domains and environments.


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P1000127, originally uploaded by rmisek.

“just remember that somewhere your dad is the shining light on a northbound train” — a friend

The end of the "Blog Roll"

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After seeing Dion’s post on the Google AJAX Feed API, specifically the PartnerBar, I decided to start a little “Coherence Blog Network” as seen at the bottom of the page here (still playing with the formatting). This works nicely as long as you quickly identify all of the typos in the PartnerBar Programming Guide (thanks for the assist Dion).

The only downside so far is that if the list of blogs change (as the most certainly will – i.e. grow) we have to update the JS for all of the blogs that are participating in the “network.” Which leads to a feature request – find a way to have clustered consensus of the information that makes up the “network” across the blogs in the “network” itself.

Getting back to the title of this post, “blog rolls” have always been horribly hard to maintain. With a small amount of work it would seem easy to tie the PartnerBar concepts into GoogleReader (perhaps narrowed by label, trend, starred, etc?). Therefore having a dynamic and easily maintainable “blog roll.”

R.I.P. Byron — The Professor

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You were faithful, playful, honorable, energetic and just a damn good friend.

I only wish I could have seen you one more time… safe travels.