The end of the "Blog Roll"

After seeing Dion’s post on the Google AJAX Feed API, specifically the PartnerBar, I decided to start a little “Coherence Blog Network” as seen at the bottom of the page here (still playing with the formatting). This works nicely as long as you quickly identify all of the typos in the PartnerBar Programming Guide (thanks for the assist Dion).

The only downside so far is that if the list of blogs change (as the most certainly will – i.e. grow) we have to update the JS for all of the blogs that are participating in the “network.” Which leads to a feature request – find a way to have clustered consensus of the information that makes up the “network” across the blogs in the “network” itself.

Getting back to the title of this post, “blog rolls” have always been horribly hard to maintain. With a small amount of work it would seem easy to tie the PartnerBar concepts into GoogleReader (perhaps narrowed by label, trend, starred, etc?). Therefore having a dynamic and easily maintainable “blog roll.”


~ by rmisek on January 4, 2008.

One Response to “The end of the "Blog Roll"”

  1. There is already a blog roll feature in reader. You can find out about it here

    Though it probably won’t work for you because of my biggest complaint with it; the fact that you can’t specify a maximum number of feeds to show.
    What I do is simply give my blogroll a tag in reader so that I can manage how many actually show up. Kind of annoying but it works.

    Or you could just use it as motivation to get rid of those blogs that you aren’t reading 😉

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