The Coherence Incubator – 2008 in Review

The Coherence Incubator

The Coherence Incubator

The Coherence Incubator exceeded all expectations for 2008 and continues to grow. The first big milestone was reached on October 15th when we officially launched the site with the first four projects:

Thus the journey began. Brian Oliver (the driving force behind its creation) announced it at the London Coherence User Group. Gojko Adzic wrote a very succinct blog post after attending the event — which subsequently got picked up by Cameron blogged about it. Brian then flew over from London to present the Coherence Incubator at the inaugural New York Coherence Special Interest Group event.

On November 10th we released new versions of all four of the original projects.

On November 24th we released version 1.0.0 of The Functor Pattern.

Nicholas Gregory and Stephen Price published an article entitled “Extend the Data Grid With Hub-less Messaging” on TheServerSide (discussion here) on December 23rd.

For more information on what’s going on and what’s in store for the future come join us at either the next London Coherence SIG on January 22nd or the next New York Coherence SIG on January 29th.

All in all, it has been a fantastic year for the incubator with over 1000s downloads over just 2.5 months, 4 new projects in the pipeline and many many more being proposed. We are looking forward to 2009 being a huge year in extending the horizons for what Data Grids (e.g. Oracle Coherence) can be used for across all verticals, problem domains and environments.


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