"e@" -> Web 3.0

•December 19, 2007 • 1 Comment

Text conversation with Brian yesterday:

Brian (4:45): e@
Me (4:46): Huh?
Brian (4:47): e@
Me (4:47): Huh?

Then nothing…

This morning over coffee I was asking him what the txt was all about – seems it was just his phone screwing up and sending random “e@” txts to random people. I commented that at the end of the txt conversation I ended up feeling stupid for not knowing what “e@” was short for (assuming it was some sort of l33t-speak), so of course I googled it and found nothing relevant.

Jon happened to be with present for the conversation and commented “That must be Web 3.0!”

Jon might as well be British given his proficiency at dry humor.

Update: Brian moved his blog here


Freaked out by Twitterrific

•December 3, 2007 • Leave a Comment

One of my co-workers came over and said “so you’re researching the Wii?”, which caught me a bit off guard since I hadn’t spoken to him about it. It ends up that he saw it in my Adium status. I had just used Twitterrific to update my Twitter account. A quick Google confirmed my suspicions that Twitterrific defaults to updating my Adium status automatically with my latest tweet. Cool – yes. Good – not so much when at work ;-).

Cisco VPN Client on the Mac – Strangest Issue Ever

•October 31, 2007 • 4 Comments

If you are running Mac OSX, the Cisco VPN and have Parallels installed and your VPN connection only stays up for 5 seconds at a time and you are seeing these errors:

Secure VPN Connection terminated locally by the Client.
Reason 422: Lost contact with the security gateway. Check your network connection

Check out this thread.

Basically, you need to disable disable Parallels’ networking:

1. Apple > System Preferences > Network
2. Double click “Parallels NAT”
3. Change “Configure IPv4: Using DHCP” to “Off”
4. Click the “Show:” pulldown to find “Paralells Host-Guest”
5. Change “Configure IPv4: Using DHCP” to “Off”

At first read I didn’t even consider trying it as it seemed completely outlandish, after getting more frustrated I decided to give it a go. Worked immediately. Obviously, I created a new “Location” with these settings.

Also, if you can’t connect at all and see these errors:

Output size mismatch. Actual: 0, Expected: 237.

Check out this thread. Make sure to either reboot or restart the cvpnd process.

Quote of the Day: "No new growth"

•September 6, 2007 • 2 Comments

My dad has his first post-chemo/radiation MRI on Tuesday and met with his radiologist yesterday. Good news all around with great phrases like “no new growth” and “diminished.” Yesterday was a good day, I hope to have many more of them. šŸ™‚

Quote of the Day: "The mission is remission."

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Short story: dad, brain tumor, cancerous, surgery, rehab, chemo, radiation…

Today he calls up and and says “the mission is remission,” not going to argue there.

First post…

•June 5, 2007 • Leave a Comment

I figured it was about time to start my own blog if not only for archival purposes. More to follow…